i love my mac

I am more in love with Apple every day.   I have a macbook, which is coming up on three years of life this summer.  I have had one or two problems with it in the past, which have been readily and swiftly fixed by apple.  About a year ago, my hard drive crashed.   Thank God I backup everything onto an external, because I have about 11,000 pictures and even more songs.  So I took it into the Apple store, they replaced the hard drive free of charge and I had it back the next day.  Plugged it into Time Machine, and voila- good as new.

Well I was a little concerned yesterday when my computer wouldn't turn on.  The power cord was not showing yellow or green like it usually does when plugged in, so I took it to the apple store in Clarendon (let me just tell you, this shopping center is pretty much heaven for me:  Apple Store, Pottery Barn, C&B, Container Store,  South Moon Under.  All it needs is a J.Crew and Anthro and I would be in complete heaven).  Turns out after trying my cable, their cable, this that and the other that my power cord had a tear in it that was leaving open, cracking wires.  So they gave me a new one.  Just like that.  For Free. 
Now I'm up and running and still waiting for the new iPhone to come out.