Art and Television

I've always had a bit of an issue with the TV being the center of most living rooms.  Right now, mine is on an antique sideboard passed down from my mom.  It's pretty much the focus of my living room furniture.  I hate it.   A beautiful sideboard should have artwork above it, a couple of lamps or vases, and trays, a bar, or coffee table books on top.  Not a TV.  gross.

My wish:  move the TV to the corner of the room, add a few chairs or a love seat, and make a gallery wall above the sideboard.  Problem is I don't know if I have enough room.  Also, I don't have a place to put the TV. 

This, however would be amazing:
make the TV an actual piece of art and place it on an easel.
this is from House Beautiful's Style Director (and soon to be Editor in Chief) Newell Turner's weekend home in the Catskills.  
And it's brilliant.