my rug's been delayed, don't worry i'll show you when it arrives.  i'm so excited.

i've been thinking about what other touches in my place i need to work on.  recently i posted about my love of living things.  i would adore to have a puppy but with 12 hour shifts in the hospital i would consider it animal cruelty. i usually leave for work at 6:15-6:30 and return home around 8-8:30 sometimes later.

i'm sticking with plants.  which hasn't been quite easy for me.  i would love to tell you that i haven't killed most of my plants, but that simply isn't true.   i think i need to figure out how often each of my plants needs to be watered and i'll be set.  i have some plants throughout my condo, but i want to have a little garden of herbs, plants, etc.  unfortunately my unit is one of few in my building that has neither patio nor balcony.  so i'm looking to find a table for my plants...that at some point in time i will have.

i want to put said table underneath my large living room window.  it will be behind the short section of my sectional sofa.  basically a console table.  i have a few ideas, but not quite settled on what to do.

1. purchase an unfinished wood console table, paint it, and add tile or mirror to the top. i invision it coming out something like this only taller and with tile on top:

2. find some columns, tree stumps, table legs, etc and purchase a piece of glass table top.  somewhat like this, but rectangular and with two stumps (like in second picture) on either end

3. purchase a console aka sofa table- taking creativity out of the mix, and be careful of it if it's wood. a few options:

what do you think?