Saturday, March 27, 2010

this ain't yo mamma's light bulb

So remember over a month ago when my recessed light (yes, one that was newly installed in October) went out?  I was hoping it was just the bulb and not an electrician situation.  I went to Home Depot and although there was no one there to help me figure out which bulb, so I opened the box for a recessed light just like mine and took it apart to figure out how the thing worked.  It's not just a screw in the bulb thing, the light is halogen and connects to two cords.   So then I figured out which bulb.  Brought it home and...

1. Shut off the circuit breaker.  (not a simple task, my breaker box isn't really labeled, so I think I pretty much turned off every one until I finally figured it out)
2. Remove light from ceiling

3.  Remove previous light bulb

4.  Replace with new lightbulb
5.  Replace unit into ceiling.

6.   Let there be light

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