one rug closer to perfection

So I haven't bought Adeline yet.  I decided I was going to, called stores to try to find one but they only sell them online.  I marched on over to the PB website and put the $799 rug into my cart.  Proceed to check out and the total cost?  $949    i don't think so.    tax i understand.  $25 delivery oh.  $80 service and handling chart and it all adds up.  So I emailed them to see if i can pick one up anywhere.  We'll see.  I might not get Adeline after all

But I digress.  My bedroom has been rugless also and I purchased a sisal/jute rug at ikea last week.  With the help of two large boys I have put it under my bed at a bit of an angle.  I haven't decided if I like it or not, although according to Andrew I like it but I think he just doesn't want to help if I decide to take the rug back from under the bed and return it.   The pictures don't capture the angle and size very well, it's hard to get far enough back and get the rug and bed.