housewarming party

I threw a housewarming party this past weekend for my mom's family.  I had originally planned it for one of the weekends when we got over 24" of snow.   I was pleased to see that although it was cozy with 22 people and a dog, we were comfortable.  I have a couple of new chairs which I will post as soon as I get a picture, plus my brother brought over four folding chairs from my dad's house for me to borrow.  I'm going to have to buy a few folding chairs to stash in my storage unit for days like these, but I want something that is semi-nice looking, so add that to the wish list.  Between the folding chairs, my chairs, the bar stools and my large sectional couch we ate and drank comfortably.

and thanks to my 10 year old godson, i am going to put a little more priority on buying a rug pad.  although hopefully not many more people will attempt to run in my condo.