living, breathing things

I think I once commented about how much I enjoy having plants around.  Yesterday when I went to the grocery store I picked up a "mini daffodil."  With the snow there was absolutely no chicken, beef, lamb, or steak of any kind but they had plants.  go figure.   Daffodils remind me of childhood because growing up our backyard would always have hundreds (literally) of them.  I would pick them all throughout the spring.
So my dining room table now has the daffodils and some tulips (i think).  The tulips are just bulbs sitting in some marbles that I keep watering.  They're starting to grow really well although they have yet to bloom.
I have a few other plants throughout the place, although I think I managed to kill the Christmas Cactus because I watered it (before I realized it was a cactus).  

These hydrangeas aren't real, but I absolutely adore them. 

I also kept the bottom of my Christmas Tree this year.  I plan to keep a slice of the trunk of every Christmas Tree I have, which will eventually serve as Christmas decorations.  Right now, the 2009 (my very first tree out on my own) trunk is sitting on the dining room table.  All of my other Christmas decorations are down in my storage unit, but I don't quite have the heart to put it away.

Hopefully I will have some fresh cut flowers to put around 
the place after this weekend of Valentine's Day&  our anniversary :- )