a few things to think about

The other day andrew and i were upstairs in the gym of my building pumping some iron....well i was at least pretending to work out.   My building isn't large or fancy by any means but has a small workout room with a treadmill, elliptical machine, bike, some free weights, and other weight machines that i have no idea what they're called.   Long story short, Andrew was pretty much sprinting on the treadmill.  One of the neighbors on the 8th floor (where the gym is) came after we were finished with the treadmill (i think he thought we had left).  He asked us what we thought about him rearranging the gym equiptment so it doesn't make as much noise in his condo. 

That got me thinking.

The poor guy.  He owns a condo (or rents), and every time someone runs on the treadmill (especially a 6'4" athlete) it makes massive noise in his place.  Despite the noise reduction padding on the wall of the gym and other attempts to improve his situation, he's bothered by an uncontrollable annoyance.    There are so many other aspects of apartment or condo living that can be a nuisance. 

My list of questions to ask before choosing an apartment or condo
1. are you close to the elevator?  can you hear it from any room in your place?
2. where is the gym?  treadmill reverberation is not pleasant
3.  outdoor parking?  assigned parking?  how bad are your winters?  ideally, it may be worth having an assigned parking spot inside.  although if there is assigned parking, how much visitor parking is there and where will visitors park when you have your housewarming party?
4. what is covered in the condo association fees?
5.  how are your neighbors?  take a look around the parking lot and walk in and out of the building. you can tell a lot by cars
6.  is the front door locked?  areas well lit?  if there is outdoor parking, as a young woman you have to be aware of the walk out of the door to your car
7.  where is the trash room or chute?  recycling?
8.  take a really close look at the condo docs.  after your offer is accepted and before you are legally bound, you have three days to change your mind if the condo docs are not to your liking

i will add as i think of other important questions, or when i have troubles of my own with the condo.