Pottery Barn does it for me

The new spring catalog arrived yesterday, and I have my eye on a few things. 

of course, my rug:

i'm thinking i should ask for gift cards to PB for my birthday, suck it up, and get the rug.  that's in about a month and a half, so we'll see

I love this pillow, i think it makes your home feel like a "nest" and would go well with my couch and PB pillows on it already

Bud vases are so cute.  I need to work on having more fresh flowers in my place.  I'll post the ones I have so far soon (i've pretty much killed one of them).  Here are two options for buds

There are obviously more things I want from PB (like my chandelier), but these are just a couple that caught my eye in this catalog.  did i miss anything?