sorry i haven't posted in awhile.  i was away for the weekend and have been trying to pick up overtime, maybe i'll splurge on a rug (!)  although most likely and a smarter plan would be to save.

anyway.  i realize i haven't said much about my kitchen so far, so i'll start with the cabinets.


The decision was to take down the cabinets and countertops to replace but keep the functioning appliances.

i didn't want to spend the money to put custom cabinets into a condo i will not be living in forever, so i went with home depot's in stock basic measurement cabinets.  i chose to go with a white cabinet to keep the crisp lines.  i also saw the idea for cork cabinet knobs in a magazine and wanted that, so white went best.

here are the cabinets in the living room, while they were doing the floors in the kitchen (same hardwood as the rest of the condo) and painting

the finished product.
i got a new sink and faucet, because the previous one had been shallow. also i picked a black granite with some brown in it.  the kitchen color is a beautiful green not mossy, not too minty, about the color of an artichoke on the outside.   the red brown and green rug came from target.  i did the same recessed lighting in the kitchen as in the rest of the condo.  i'm thinking i might paint the appliances black, but we'll see.  i'm going to do some research on that first.

i hung a pot lid rack in the cabinet so i can keep everything organized.  i am very pleased with it.