the disposal stopped working last night, so did the wine fridge.  i felt like my condo was crumbling slowly.  so today i took a flashlight to look down into the damn sink and figure out what was happening.  i stuck my hand down there and felt a strange thick wire of sorts.  i couldn't get it out.  everytime i would push the reset button on the bottom of the disposal (freeze right there.  two months ago i didn't know anything about a disposal's nuts and bolts.  now i do)  the motor would make a noise then shut off.  it wouldn't spin.  so i took an allen wrench to it to make it turn manually.  at first i couldn't get it to turn, then i tried the other direction and it popped loose.  i put my hand down there again and voila out comes the culpret.  it's old, rusty, and bent but i think it was a bobby pin. (unfortunately, that had to have been me.  can't blame the boyfriend who grew up without and doesn't know how to work a disposal...damn) one more touch of the reset button, a flick of the switch, and the disposal works again!
score  condo: 0  acg: 1