i recently bought a condo, and i've been torturing my family, friends, and boyfriend with all of the decisions, purchases, and changes made to the place so i figure the best thing for me to do is start a blog about it.

i'm already all moved in, but i wanted to go through my story from the beginning. So bear with me as I return to stories from my original condo as it was purchased, the screaming matches with my contractor, the work that went into it, and what i have now.   The journey of owning a condo is never-ending so i will continue to write, even after i catch up on the last two months.

i still have work to finish, my alien toilet is running (that will be an interesting blog!) and i have a wish list the size of a novelette...mostly from PB of course, so it should be a fun ride.

also please note i am a nurse, thus a nursing major and probably  have the worst vocabulary out there, so this is more about the stories than it is real writing (note the run-on sentences).  for that, please go else where !

Please feel free to comment throughout this blog!  I would love to hear your opinions, stories, and anything else that comes to mind