Step Into My Office

I live in a one bedroom and the living room, dining room and kitchen are a bit of an open floor plan as you can probably see from my pictures.  I have always been a fan of the no screens in the bedroom rule meaning no TVs, computers, etc allowed where you sleep.   Naturally, this means I needed a desk outside of the bedroom to keep my computer and day to day filing, bills, stationary (huge fan of snail mail btw), and the like.

And I fell in love with this which I also got 15% off due to a coupon in the mail. 

It's on the wall immediately to the right when you enter the "foyer"  so I didn't want to have everything completely unorganized.  I purchased some green and black (and plan to go back for the white) boxes from Ikea to house the little items that one generally places on a desk.

Here are the pictures


Since these pictures I've rearranged the contents of the desk and placed a makeshift stool there (instead of the cooler I was using when these pictures were taken).  I have my eye on this chair   although I think there is an arts and crafts project in my future that may work just as well.  Will keep you posted.