Minor Changes to the Bathroom

The bathroom had been recently (well probably within the last 10 years) updated with grey tile and floors.  The shower seemed pretty clean and new.  There was a medicine cabinet with the 80's style vanity light bulbs. 

Not quite sure why, but for some reason I absolutely hate medicine cabinets.   So in the bathroom, my contractor took out the light fixture and medicine cabinet and patched the wall.  I chose a new light fixture from HD on sale. He added an extension to the shower head so that it is taller (i'm 5'8" and the bf is 6'4") and I bought a curved shower curtain rod, which makes all the difference in the world.

The Bathroom Before:

While in SXM, we saw some of the coolest mirrors framed in drift wood.  I decided I could make one and turn my bathroom into a nautical theme.  For the wall color, I picked a white with the palest of grey to it (BM's "wedding veil") and chose a white shower curtain with navy border and matching rug.    When I tried to make the mirror,  I broke the first mirror after getting the driftwood glued to it.  The task was challenging and I was unable to keep the heavy wood attached to the mirror, so instead I picked up a large round mirror from Ikea (for $20!) and made a shelf out of driftwood.
The After Pictures: 

seashell potpourri from world market

Note the tall shower head.
And you can barely see the bottle on the sink but  I got a glass bottle with a rubber stopper, somewhat of the message in a bottle feel to it, to keep my mouthwash in so I don't have to have that hideous listerine bottle on the counter.