getting started

Summer of 2009 started and instead of relaxing and heading to the beach...actually that's a in addition to heading to the beach, I began the house hunting.  i worked with my real estate agent, harrison from L&F to find a great place.  i spent my hours on and he sent me MLS reports with searches in the DC, MD, and VA areas.  I'm originally from Bethesda, MD just a mile outside of washington, dc so it pained me to look at the commonwealth.  Harrison and I looked at one or two dozen places throughout the area, mostly in bethesda, arlington, cathedral heights, and other areas of NW DC.  I found a place in Bethesda, close to where I grew up that was about 1000 square feet and within my budget, although the cost wouldn't leave me much room to make changes which would be necessary at some point in time.

And then I went away to st. maarten for the week, and when I came back the condo that had been on the market for awhile had a ratified contract.  of course, first thing i did was google the word "ratify"  because that was greek to me.  once i found out that this meant that my new home was no longer my new home and wouldn't ever be.  oh well.  I think my real palce was meant to be, because just a week or two later I found a condo in arlington, va.  first thought: oh my god i will never live in virginia.

Turns out the amount of money I would be saving by buying in arlington was so much that it would be worth it.  additionally, I work in Georgetown, so being just over Key Bridge but accessible to Chain Bridge was a good location.  I would rather be somewhere with parking, more square footage, and a smaller price tag so that I can make my mark on my home.  DC and Bethesda places, and even some in virginia, had such high price tags, were smaller, and still required work (this is a general statement, of course.  i will refrain from going through every single listing i visited).

So we put in an offer, below the listing price, of course (it was 90% of the listing price, and I was encouraged to even go higher potentially, but looking back on it I think we could have pushed it a little lower to start, but no looking back i've been told!!).  and the next day i got a call at work saying that our offer was accepted!  and now i have a ratified contract.   I'm a nurse, I work in a PICU and my family and boyfriend are the only people who knew my "office" number, until harrison came along and now he is added to the VIP list.

please note: ratified is my new favorite word.

settlement date was October 26, and I had no idea what to expect.  But all went well, and I met with my contractor that afternoon at my new condo.

so now, my license plate is this:


(i saw the plate with the crab and oyster and couldn't resist!)